Quecia II

by Quecia

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released March 3, 2005

Paul Ayre: Guitars and Vocals
Kirsty McCarrick: Vocals
Hayley McCarrick Backing Vocals
Chris Picton: Bass & Keyboards
Steve Atkinson: Drums



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Quecia Manchester

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Track Name: Hide Away
Feel as though I’ve cried a million tears
Locked inside myself for all these years
Should I hide away, hide away from you
Would you hide away, hide away from me

Always I have felt misunderstood
Should have done the things I knew I could
So I hide away, hide away from you
Would you hide away, hide away from me

Darkness has surrounded me for years
Locked the doors and captured all my fears
So I hide away, hide away from you
And you hide away, hide away from me

So I hide away, hide away from you
And you hide away, hide away from me
Track Name: You Know The Time
You Know The Time

Don’t want to live in some others past
Don’t want to grow old thinking back
Want to sail away someday
Don’t want to leave when it’s too late

I want to live in a time of my own
Don’t want to grow old on my own
I want to sail away some day
Don’t want to hear what you might say

Cos you know this is your time
And you know this is all you’ll ever have
The future draws from all the past
It answers the questions we have

Don’t want to live in anothers dream
Don’t want to be part of that scheme
Want to sail away someday
Don’t want to leave it too late

Choose the time and you know you’re alive
A burning sea inside of me
Every day should be like your last

Don’t want to see the end of our ways
Don’t want to be part of endless days
Want to sail away some day
To a place where heaven won’t wait
Track Name: The Rhythm
The rhythm the makes the heart go weak

I can feel the pounding of my secret life
I can hear the darkness swell
If there is light it comes too soon
I know the signs of old

I can light the flame that once was your heart
I can change the way you feel
If hope is lost, let it fade away
Into the darkness so cold
But when it falls
The rain runs away
But still it changes everything
I want to feel that river of change
The rhythm that makes the heart go weak
I want to know when you feel alone
The sadness that never speaks

I watched the moon then turned away
I heard the wind blowing cold
I can’t explain in so few words
What it is that’s lost
But when it comes
The rain runs dry
But leaves its mark on you

I saw the sun go down in another place
The sea was calm at last
No-one knows how it feels
Till it comes to pass
But when the rain falls
You know you’re alive
Even if it’s just for a while
Track Name: Bird In A Cage
Bird In A Cage
I lie awake it’s six in the morning
And the realisation is dawning
I know we’re thro’ so this is my story
And if its the truth that hurts you I’m sorry

I knew it was wrong, I’ve known all along

I was locked in a world without feeling
I couldn’t be myself I was dreaming
Looking back it seems so unreal
I don’t know why but you make me feel

Like a bird in a cage
Trapped on a stage
Bird in a cage
Trapped on a stage

I can’t lie, I hope you’re world comes
Crashing down around you
Wonder why, I’ve wasted so much time

Couldn’t hear my voice I was screaming
You didn’t believe me when I was leaving
Our whole love and life was surreal
I don’t know why but you make me feel
Track Name: New Dress
New Dress

I put on my new dress
And sit by the phone
Don’t call a taxi
Cos I had a feeling
You ain’t coming home

So I sit here waiting for you
I’ve got a new dress thought I’d
Wear it for you

Waiting, waiting on my own
I’m just waiting,
Waiting on my own

It’s now early evening and you have not phoned
I’m tired of waiting
And all these feelings
I just have to hold
Track Name: The Difference

As I look into your eyes
And see all those empty lies
That’s the difference
You say you’ve seen it all before
All the hurt and even more
That’s the difference
I see you turn away
And not be the man you want to be
That’s the difference, don’t you see

That’s the difference
Between you and I
That’s the difference

Don’t care what everybody says
I hate all those petty ways
That’s the difference
Put those fears of yours away
I love you more and more each day
That’s the difference
Please take all I am and more
Lets turn the clock back to before
See the difference, don’t you see
Track Name: Too Late To Say Goodbye
Too Late To Say Goodbye

It was easy for me to say
What you wanted to hear
I never thought about love
Till you went away

But now you’re gone and it’s too late
To even say goodbye
I want you back, I’m feeling so blue
I can’t stop thinking about me and you

I lie awake, without love
And I can almost hear you breathe
In the darkness I realise
There’s no time for us

I want to say, that you never knew me
Did you understand my point of view
And I don’t think that you really knew me
Or felt the way I do inside

It was easy for me to say, I have found love
It was hard in for me and you to stay together
In the end
Track Name: Rescue Me
Rescue Me

There are pictures of you in a place I remember
They never grow old like the stories we told
In a sky in the distance only fading lights
The darkest place, In the cold of night

As the mist fades away, into the sea,
Coming towards me, a face I have seen
That moment in time that I can’t explain
Everything changes, nothing’s the same


Rescue me from my dreams
I’m always drowning, I can’t breathe
If you come I won’t let go
Rescue me, recue me

The girl on the corner, she looks like I used to
Her eyes are so empty, a look of surrender
Wait just a moment as she turns around
I can see her face clear now, it’s me that I see

As the darkness surrounds me
I try to escape.
Harder to breathe and still no way out
The earth is so cold I can’t break it down
Unable to move from this old ground
Track Name: Taking To The Trees
Taking To The Trees

I sit and write these words
Even thou’ it is absurd
To believe what we have made
You just can’t make it go away
Wait until the smoke has cleared
This is music to my ears
Wait until the fire has died
See the truth behind my eyes

I hear them scream and shout
As the time is running out
It brings me to my knees
We’re taking to the trees

My friends are home tonight
They will all stand up and fight
Against this wilderness of grey
That we’re living in today
It will have limited effect
Because its easy to forget
That the time to act is now
Before we take our final bow
Breathing air that we have made
Wasn’t in my plans today
Feeling rain that isn’t pure
We’ve turned the world into a whore

So these people that you love
Deserve respect and not just love
Don’t just turn and walk away
Play your part for all today
Have you learned something by now
Has the penny dropped somehow
Just turning off your TV
Isn’t helping you and me
Track Name: Line In The Sand
Line In The Sand

I used to think we could fall from the sea into
Stars at the edge of the world
I used to think that we could fly, fly
I used to think our days were alive
Live in hope that we could survive
I don’t have the answers to make you believe

Look around and you can see
Is this the place you want it to be
You can fight and be strong,
But if the line in the sand is wrong

We used to fly so close to the edge
On the wings of another God
Times have changed so much it makes
You weep, weep
I don’t know if I can live
In a land so bitter sweet
My only hope is for you to survive, survive

I used to think your stories were real
Keep me safe from the shadow of night
I used to think you could hold the world, the world
Trying hard to remember your face
Worked so hard to keep us safe
Its only now that I can understand